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Provider of Focussed Psychological Strategies (Medicare)

Mr Niel Mauriello

Bio- Psychotherapist (BSW AMHSW,GD Phych Studies,GDBM ,Member Clinical Division College AASW) Medicare Accredited Focussed Psychological Strategies.


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MENTAL HEALTH: Specialisation include complex trauma, long-term unemployed with complex psychosocial issues, elderly living with mental health issues and or in isolation & men’s wellbeing Management and treatment of anxiety and mood disorders, substance abuse, psychotic, personality and relationship issues, health related and complex interpersonal psychosocial issues. I have extensive experience with people who have sustained significant trauma arising during child or adulthood.

• A Mental Health Plan will be required. Patients are required to maintain a mental health plan updated.
• Services to Centrelink, Pension and Health Care Card holders will be bulk billed, which can also be extended to PAYE patients.
• Patient assigns their bulk billing rights to me.
• No medical/legal or letters of support for e.g. NDIS/Centrelink/CPS provided.
• Mandatory reporting requirements apply.
• Written reports will only be provided to your referring GP at regular intervals

Under the Medicare Australia Focussed Psychological Strategies Program (FPS) and refers to specific mental healthcare treatments based on evidence-based psychological therapies. Under the Better Access initiative GPs, Clinical Social Workers (Mental Health), Psychologists who are registered FPS providers can use a range of acceptable FPS that fall into the following categories, for example: • cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) , interpersonal therapy (ITP)

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